LOV “Her Story” Award

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The LOV “Her Story “ Award was introduced in 2023 as a way to celebrate women who exemplify the qualities of selflessness, compassion, and dedication in serving others.

As we approach the 2024 Ladies of Virtue Conference on June 8th, it is important to recognize and celebrate the significant contributions that women have made to our  communities and/or ministries within the state of Connecticut. The LOV “Her Story” award aims to honor the invaluable impact women have had on our community, social progress, and overall quality of life.  In particular, LOV will identify, feature, and celebrate three exceptional women who serve as inspirations, leaders, and trailblazers for other women. This recognition acknowledges and appreciates the tireless work these women do on a daily basis. To properly honor and showcase their accomplishments, LOV will share their stories and present them with the LOV “Her Story” Award at the 2024 LOV Conference. 

Award Categories:

  • Legacy Award– Recognizes women who have made a lasting and transformative impact over a significant period of time.
  • Community Award – Recognizes women that have made a significant positive impact on their community through their actions, initiatives and projects.
  • Servant’s Heart Award  – Recognizes women who consistently prioritize the needs of others above their own, demonstrating a genuine desire to serve and help others.


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