Let’s come together as God’s church to bring a positive message about the Love of God and the power it has to break down barriers of hatred, prejudice, racism and all injustice.

The Love Walk serves to unite the Body of Christ and take a stand against all the hatred, bullying, racism, bigotry and injustice that is proliferating in our communities and world. There are too many evil and wicked things plaguing our communities, and we are the only hope of light in this world.

The Bible refers to us as Salt and Light. It’s time to let our light shine! It’s time we let the world taste and see that God is good. Let’s display God’s love by coming together in unity! His love is alive! His Love has a voice, His love has hands, and His love has feet! And we’re the ones He’s chosen to demonstrate that to the world. We cannot fight fire with fire, we can’t fight hatred with hatred, and we can’t fight racism with racism. The only way to fight back these evil acts is with God’s unconditional LOVE. The finish work of Christ on the cross is the greatest act of LOVE known to mankind, and its ultimate purpose was to conquer all evil!

Are you willing to represent LOVE in the midst of all the evil that surrounds us? Then come out and join us in this solidarity walk!


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